Seafood Menu


Zuppetta alla Corsara

Mussels with white wine and tomatoes, garlic, chilli and toasted bread

6 €

Octopus ``cacciuccato``

A soup of fish

8 €

Taste of sea

Swordfish carpaccio, smoked salmon, totani* salad, Catalan octopus, crouton with sea bream mousse, cod flan, anchovy soufflé

11 €

First courses

Linguine with octopus and fresh tomato

8 €

Pennette with crab*

8,50 €

Spaghetti allo scoglio

Spaghetti with seafood

9,50 €

Linguine with fresh tuna

9,50 €

Burrata tortelli with scampi and pistachio

11 €

Second courses

Cod at Pisan way

Salted cod with battered leeks and spicy tomato

12 €

Sea bream in a blanked or cooked in a Mediterranean way

12 €

Frying of totani* and prawns* with vegetables in tempura

12 €

A cut of tuna

12 €

Grilled prawns* or stewed prawns

13,50 €

Gran grigliata in bellavista

Prawns*, sea bream and octopus with grilled vegetables and orange vinaigrette

16,50 €

“In the absence of the availability of fresh products, the dishes marked with an asterisk * will be replaced with frozen products”