Our Menu of Meat



Chickpeas gruel

2 €

Antipasto di forno classico

Crostone with extra virgin olive oil from the Pisan mountains and crostone with tomato and onion

4 €

Antipasto di forno goloso

Crostone with pecorino and speck, toasted bread with sausage and stracchino cheese

5 €

Antipasto toscano

Typical cold cuts, pecorino cheese, potato pie with cheese fondue, crouton with Tuscan ragout, vegetable caponata with pine nuts, fillo cheese waffle with sauteed champignon mushrooms and parmesan cheese

8,50 €

Marinata di manzo

Beef carpaccio with extra virgin olive oil from the Pisan mountains, grana and fresh tomatoes

9 €


Burrata, Tuscan raw ham, Amiata pecorino cheese, fried dough tortelli filled with sausage and stracchino cheese

12 €

Prosciutto bazzone

Bazzone raw ham from the Garfagnana, honey, Amiata pecorino cheese and fried saccottini

13 €

Antipasto del macellaio

Mixed cold cuts with spicy salami, bacon, wild boar sausage, buristo (mallegato), soppressata (a kind of cold cut), bazzone raw ham, bocconcini of buttero, croutons with chicken livers, Amiata pecorino cheese and homemade focaccia with lard

13 €

First courses

Gnocchi with walnut pesto, radicchio and pecorino from Amiata

7,50 €

Tagliolini with Tuscan ragout

7,50 €

Paccheri with sausage and mushrooms

8 €

Risotto with asparagus and speck sauce

8 €

Carbonara alla Braciere

with bacon of Cinta senese

8 €

Orecchiette alla Braciere

Orecchiette with turnips and sausage creamed with Amiata pecorino cheese

8 €

Pici with white Cinta senese ragout

8,50 €

Pappardelle with boar

8,50 €

Ravioli with Pecorino cheese from Pienza with cheese and pepper

9 €

Second courses

Roasted cockerel

10 €

Grilled pork

Rosticciana, sausage, shin, scamerita with barbecue sauce

10 €

Wild boar in salmì

(a way of wild meat cooking)

11 €

Larded pork fillet

Pork fillet with lard of colonnata and thyme

11 €

Grilled Cinta senese steak

12 €

Cinta Senese steak alla cacciatora

(a way of cooking)

14 €

Gran grigliata Braciere

Beef, slice of cockerel, rosticciana, sausage, scamerita, shin with barbecue sauce

16 €

Grilled beef fillet or with green pepper

16 €

Grilled national beef steak

3,50 €/hg

Slice of grilled national beef

4 €/hg

Brontosaurus steak (Tomahawk) with baked potatoes

4,50 €/hg

“In the absence of the availability of fresh products, the dishes marked with an asterisk * will be replaced with frozen products”