Our story

Our history in the catering sector began in 1984, when Valerio, together with his family, decided to open his historic restaurant: La Tavolaccia in Rigoli. Success was immediate, passion and commitment were high and in 2012 Andrea and Marco joined their father in this adventure.

A wide range of dishes and Tuscan cuisine are the characteristics that have always distinguished our way of working and satisfying our customers. Dedication, love and motivation is what we look for, every day.

Given our success and passion, we decided not to stop and in 2021 we began another great adventure: we took Al Vecchio Braciere and continued the historical management, in a combination of tradition and innovation.

We look forward to transporting you to Tuscan cuisine, to making you try the Tomahawk, the nine-grain pizza and to seeing you smile together with your loved ones and our delicacies!

La nostra storia_famiglia ciacchini

Choose among our specialties

Our Barbecue

Come and try our 2018’s new entry!
Al Vecchio Braciere becomes the ideal place to enjoy a barbecue with friends. We have selected different cuts of meat, tender and quality, to bring to the table the authentic flavor of the ember.

Our Pizza

Al Vecchio Braciere has always been known for its pizza: crunchy and tasty, it is also easy to digest thanks to its long leavening. Try also the dough with whole wheat flour and nine cereals, and the lactose-free mozzarella cheese, good, healthy and light.

Our Cuisine

Our cuisine is made of dishes worthy of the Tuscan and Italian tradition. We offer two different à la carte menus, composed respectively of meat and fish dishes, for an interesting fusion of Tuscan and Mediterranean cuisine.

Our Barbecue

One of our strengths is certainly our grilled meat. We are able to select cuts of tender and excellent quality meat and to know its peculiarities and cooking techniques. In addition our meat comes from Italian pastures, except for the huge and tasty Tomahawk steak, made with meat of Irish origin.
Our goal is to serve our customers a delicious dish that recalls the flavors of grilled meat as it once was.
In addition to the traditional Florentine steak, we offer beef, fillet and pork or mixed BBQ, served with side dishes of seasonal vegetables.

Our Pizzeria

The mix of flours used by our pizza man gives crunchiness and fragrance to our pizzas, light and highly digestible, but rich in taste thanks to condiments. In our menu you will find classic pizzas and the ones with innovative flavors, and the most particular made with whole wheat flour and five cereals.

À la Carte Menu

Raw materials and local ingredients characterize our à la carte menus. We have selected some of the land and sea dishes typical of the region and we have created classic menus that perfectly reflect the tradition of the place and the taste of our customers.

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Quick lunch

At lunchtime it’s you to choose! In addition to our à la carte menus of fish and meat, we offer fixed menus to allow you to enjoy a complete meal even in the short lunch break of your busy life. Choose the complete menu or the unique dish according to your needs and your appetite, and we will offer you water and coffee.

Complete menu

first dish, second, water, wine or drink, coffee

12 €

Unique dish

big salad/pizza/cold dish, water, wine or drink, coffee

9 €

Opening time

Lunch: 12.00 pm – 2.30 pm
Dinner: 7:00 pm – 12.00 am
Closed: Saturday at lunch

Our Services

Free Wi-Fi

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Smoking room

Air-conditioned room

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